Akozon 125KHz Handheld 125KHz RFID Card ID Reader/Writer/Copier/Duplicator + 6 ID Cards + 6 Tags Kit

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Wide Applications: this RFID Copier is used to clone 125Khz FRID card.It can copy and duplicate the EM4100 / EM410X card /tag ID or compatible card /tag format for backup purpose .(HID standard NOT compatible!) Widely used in domestic, office garage, elevator and other access control places
Easy to Operate: the RFID Copier just uses "read" and "write" two buttons.Read/write tags and remote control can be cloned and copied. The reading distance of the ID tags is no more than 3cm, and the reading distance of the ID cards is no more than 6cm
Inner Structure:the RFID Copier has replicator built-in LED lights and individual indicator buzzer
Comfortable Experience: small and light.Convenient for you to go anywhere you want to go with it.Handheld shape design, comfortable hand feeling
Warranty:This Xinrub product has passed rigorous testing and ensure the product quality.But we still provide warranty.Contact us if you have any questions


Still think it is inconvenient to go in and out of places with restricted access such as offices, residences, and elevators? If so, just come and choose our handheld RFID Writer,ID cards and ID tags to make your access easier!
Xinrub have professional customer service and will try our best to help you.If you have any questions,don't hesitate to contact us.

How to clone:
1.Push power switch on the right of device, it will keep two or three times, and LED is on mean it works, if not restart please.
2.Put the other card near the antenna left of the device, and then press READ button,the device will keep and the LED is on when read successful, if beep 2 times go to step 3, if beep 3 times go to step 4, click READ again if it doesn't beep.
3.change an new blank card as T5557/EM4305, then press WRITE button, when beep PASS LED is on mean clone successful, if it doesn't beep and light please write again.
4.Change a blank T5557, then press WRITE button, when beep PASS LED is on mean clone successful, if it doesn't beep and light please write again.
5.Repeat step 3 or step 4 if you want to make more same ID card.
6.Switch off for save power.

Product Specification:
Material: ABS
Supported blank tag: T5557,EM4305.
Working frequency: 125Khz
Power: 2x AAA battery(Batteries are not included)
Working status Led:Read , Write
Button: Read Button,Write Button

Package Included:
1 x Handle RFID Writer(battery are not included)
6 x ID tags
6 x ID Cards